We offer qualified staff across a wide variety of industries. Our top-notch IT system matches candidates to the profiles of our vacant-positions database, which greatly accelerates the selection process. Our HR consultants are there to help you both over the phone as well as face to face.

We would love to welcome you at one of our locations, or visit you and learn more about you and your business.

Temporary staff

Most businesses have to deal with staffing issues at some point. Bottlenecks, for instance, occur seemingly out of nowhere. If this happens, call us!

You can delegate the process of coordinating and administrating temporary staff to us, short-notice solutions included. We take on the role of employer, and handle the entire HR administration for you.

Recruitment of permanent employees

Let us find qualified staff for you, and benefit of our experience as well as our vast pool of candidates. We nail down the requirements of the job you are looking to fill, and take care of the preselection of candidates, from the job ad right down to checking references.

All you have to do is check two to three of the most qualified candidates, and invite them for a job interview.

Try and hire for permanent employment

This works similar to the way we handle the recruitment of permanent employees, but allows you and your prospective employee to get to know each other over a three-month trial, before you decide to sign a contract. Once the three months are over and you are satisfied, you take on the employee at no additional cost to your company.

Payroll services for new and existing employees

You can rehire already recruited staff through us and thereby reduce the workload of your HR or accounting department. We take on all payroll-related matters and HR administration, including insurance issues like AHV (Swiss pension insurance), Suva (Swiss workplace accident insurance), daily benefits insurance, pension funds, child benefits, and so on. As the legal employer, we bear the risks of an employee dropping out for whatever reason, while you benefit from particularly low rates.

Get in touch for a personal consulting session and an offer tailored to your business.